Welcome to Voyaging Vegan!!!

Hi everybody and welcome to my new blog Voyaging Vegan!!! My name is Anna, I am vegan and I aspire to live in a place where the organic/green juice/hippie/vegan/yoga/vibrant community of people is the norm, not the weird and strange exception.

I have two main passions, that of which I hope to show the world through my blog, them being: the vibrant vegan lifestyle consisting of vegan food and the attitudes that correspond with this way of living, and also my love for other cultures and traveling, hence the title of my blog, Voyaging Vegan!!!! This summer I further cultured myself while on a trip to France, Spain, and Italy. I am currently studying four languages, Spanish, Italian, French, and German, and the moment I complete four exhilarating years at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota I am off to live permanently in Europe, where in Europe I have yet to decide. (After my trip I am thinking Vernazza, Italy!) I aspire to travel the world and experience every great thing there is to each and every culture, especially concerning the food culture!

I will add more bits and pieces about myself through this blog, but for now I am off to Whole Foods to buy an assortment of veggies and super-foods so I can cook a boatload of nourishing dishes of which I will munch on throughout the week! More from me latter!


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