A Day Full of Cooking= a plate full of nourishment (for a week!)

My undeniably busy schedule as a second semester senior in high school leaves my weekdays with little time to cook. Being the only vegetarian in my family, and the only one who truly appreciates the wonders that whole vegan foods can bring to each and everyone’s body, I spend my weekends cooking, cooking, cooking in order that I have food to last me throughout the week until I can begin my next “batch” of cooking! This pasDSC00213t Sunday (actually it’s been like 3 Sundays since I made this, oh well!) I picked out numerous things of which I would whip up, then I hit the store for the ingredients, and then my kitchen! The first thing I whipped up was the Chickpea Za’atar Salad from Green Kitchen Stories. But first one thing, I’m not an expert at would be writing, also ironic regarding my newly obtained blogging adventure, so simply don’t be surprised if one finds grammatical errors or such in my posts. Anyway, I’ll learn soon, but in the meantime, about my kitchen adventures. At every meal I incorporate a protein, a whole grain, and lots of veggies, as well as including dark leafy greens(fruit instead of veggies at breakfast, besides the occasional breakfast greens or veggie packed smoothies I also love to blend up), I also have found that my body is much happier when I try incorporating more added fats throughout the day so that too is something I try to do. So therefore most cooking patterns usually revolve around what I would normally eat. But really, why would I cook something I wouldn’t like, what I like is what I eat. Sometimes, well actually a lot of times, people are confused as to why exactly I eat so healthfully. Besides the fact that eating 98% vegan is better for one’s health, the planet, and the well being of animals, all of which I could (and someday will) go on and on about, the foods I eat are simply the foods I love. My analogy that I like to use for people starts with my question of: what’s your favorite food? I usually expect a response such as ice cream. So therefore I ask, what if ice cream had incredible health benefits, made you feel vibrant and lively, and by eating it you were helping the world be a better? Would you eat it as much as possible, whenever you were hungry, everyday??? Well yeah, of course you would. I love love love me my raw veggies, can I hear you say carrots!!!!????, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, I could name every single vegetable cause I love them all (except raw celery, i’m weird) Then I could go on and name every single bean that I love, and then nut, and fruit, and whole grain. Seriously, these are the foods I love, so these are the foods I eat. Carrots are my ice cream, I can eat them everyday while helping myself, the Earth, and animals, so therefore I do, who could blame me?

Okay, so as you can probably see, I get off topic quite a lot, so back I am to the nourishing meal I cooked. It consisted of, as I mentioned above, a Chickpea Za’atar Salad, Braised Fennel with Saffron and Tomato, and the Vegan Caesar Salad, the first two items from greenkitchenstories.com and the last from one of my most beloved cookbooks: The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen by: Talya Lutzker. All three of these things proved pleasantly delicious. However, I must say that I much preferred the taste of the fennel dish and the chickpea salad the following days. In all truths, I feel like many recipes are like this and the outcasts are the ones that only taste great the day you make it. Funny how things work, ya gotta let the flavors meld baby!!! And this technique, (if you can even call it a technique because it’s really not), is especially handy when you make a bunch of stuff and store it in the fridge to munch on throughout the week! As for the vegan caesar salad, I am in love!! The dressing made with a base of cashews is delectable and I have been drizzling it on everything from steamed asparagus to roasted sweet potatoes.



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2 responses to “A Day Full of Cooking= a plate full of nourishment (for a week!)

  1. Hi Anna, I saw your blog on facebook, and I LOVE it! I’m so happy you’re writing and sharing recipes. A friend of mine does a lot of vegan cooking and once made me a cashew based “alfredo” pasta which was delicious. Also, when my siblings and I saw my Middle Eastern relatives eating zaatar (when we were kids), we thought they were eating dirt. =) Can’t wait to read more!

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