Superfood Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie


I have a confession to make: bananas are just not my thing. I know, how dare I be saying that, first of all my name is Anna and half the world calls me banana, and second of all they are pretty much the make or break part of all the vegan and health world’s green smoothies. I mean, lets face it, what would you rather have, a creamy green smoothie because of the addition of a frozen banana, or a watery, potently green tasting, not very sweet drink? I think most would go for the first. But me, I can’t say so definitively. I find the creamy tropical fruit to have an annoying aspect of taking over all other delicate tastes that one would wish for in a smoothie. For example, what if I want a creamy green blueberry smoothie? Well, I would need to add a banana to get the creaminess aspect, but then my poor smoothie would savor of bananas way more than my blueberry intention. My oh my, what an issue!

But most of all, bananas make me constipated. When ever I exclaim this to people, they are utterly confused, aren’t bananas supposed to cure constipation? Well, this my friend is where the ancient traditional practices of Oriental medicine come in, such as my love, Ayurveda. I will post a more complete post on this issue in the near future, but for now, my message is to know what suits you body in terms of substances and food you put into it. For me, bananas aren’t something I can have everyday. For others, it might be a necessity.

But for all you banana filled green smoothie lovers, I have a recipe for you! I invented this with the desire to mask the strong flavors of the creamy banana. With the addition of raw cacao and peppermint extract, I have successfully completed my task and been rewarded with a creamy, dreamy, thin mint girl scout cookieish, superfood packed smoothie. I’ve added chia seeds for extra creamyiness=superfood! Raw cacao for deliciousness=superfood! Tons and tons of raw spinach for an extra dose of my daily dark leafies=superfood! And the remaining ingredients simply help bring this lovely morning (or afternoon, or night) treat together. I hope you will enjoy this smoothie as much as I do!

DSC00309Superfood Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie


1 frozen banana

1/2 cup unsweetened nut or seed milk

1 tbsp. chia seeds

1 tbsp. raw cacao powder (or cocoa powder, just not as many superfood benefits)

1/4 tsp. peppermint extract

huge amount of spinach (or other dark leafy green) , maybe 2 cups *see note


Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender such as a Vita-mix (will work in a regular blender too.) Blend for a minute or so until smooth and creamy, make sure you allow the chia seeds to soak up so liquid to allow for an even more creamy texture! Add more spinach as needed. * see note

*Note on spinach amount:

I didn’t want to put a specific amount on how much spinach to add because I find myself many times adding more and more to try to find the line between tasting any bitterness and tasting nothing in regards to the spinach. I usually start with about two cups and once my smoothie is blended, I add a few more large handfuls to try to pack in as much nutrition as I am able!




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4 responses to “Superfood Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie

  1. If I eat too many bananas, I have the same problem, but I can eat 2 bananas per week without ant problem! 🙂 I love smoothies like this one! It nourishes us well!

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