A Perfect Day & a Teahouse Review: Dobra Tea

Ahhh! Nothing like a great day. Here’s my itinerary of this past Saturday:

1. wake up and eat a nice nourishing breakfast in the sunshine

2. head over to the farmer’s market with my two best, super duper awesomely great friends Emily and Sophie

3. relax with my friends E&S in the inviting Dobra tea-house and enjoy a light lunch there

4. go to a local Indian market to buy some henna (with E&S)

5. spend even more time with three of my favorite people, Emily, Sophie, and “Ms. Schneider” (aka Aunt Kathy)

6. bike downtown to purchase some more of my favorite natural Aveda shampoo and conditioner

I can’t think of another way I would have enjoyed spending that day here in Madison. I am also very excited that I will officially be growing my own garden this year after purchasing some gorgeous tomato and kale plants at the farmer’s market. Along with those purchases, two other tomato plants, two cucumber plants, an eggplant plant, and tons of basil plants are currently preparing themselves to be transferred from my kitchen windowsill  into the nice soil I have been toiling for the past couple days! More on my garden in another post, I have a lot to say about it!

In the meantime, I will provide you with a review of a lovely little tea house called Dobra Tea. Located on State Street, it served as the perfect place for a light lunch and a bit of zen time after a refreshing stroll around the capital square, where the Farmer’s Market is located. We began our time at the Middle Eastern tea house by choosing a slightly elevated “loft” if you will, where we sat on cushions around a low Moroccan-style table.

DSC00319 (1)

Outlook from our tea “loft” at Dobra Tea.

To start off, we each ordered a pot of tea, me choosing a white tea due to it’s lower levels in caffeine, because I must assure you, anything over a miniscule amount of caffeine=a crazy Anna Banana! The tea I ordered was the Bai Mu Dan – White Peony tea. I found it to be earthy  yet slightly flowery, this tea did it’s justice and thoroughly pleased the taste buds of this its tea loving drinker, me!

DSC00318 (1)

Bai Mu Dan white tea

We continued our adventure by ordering a light fare to satisfy our hunger. I ordered a brown rice miso soup along with the hummus small plate containing hummus, veggies, and pita (I asked for it without pita though.)

DSC00321 (1)

Brown Rice Miso Soup

DSC00320 (1)

Hummus and Veggie Small Plate

The brown rice miso soup was delightful, a gastronomical feet in the world of vegan food, I declare! However, if you too voyage to Dobra Tea and order this soup, don’ t be expecting your traditional, salty, misoy, seaweedy soup. This tastes nothing like the miso one would order prior to a meal of sushi, no no no. In fact, at first I was quite confused when I tasted this soup, one can definitely pick out its fermented qualities, it’s perfect fermented qualities. With a few fermented soybeans and some brown rice throughout this soup, it gave a satisfying mix between solid and liquid. However, I do wish that more soybeans and brown rice were floating in my earthy bowl of soup. Oh well, at least my taste bud’s sensitive salt-o-meter didn’t go off! I am very sensitive to salt, I just don’t like salty things, however some things, like miso, are inherently salty and I have to learn to love ’em. But this miso soup, rest assure you, scored a perfect score in saltiness level, woohoo!

As for the hummus and veggie small plate, I must say I was rather disappointed. Being the most expensive item of this outing, it did not live up to my desires. The hummus proved overly oily, and for me, the hummus queen on the universe, unnecessarily oily hummus is a big no no! Also as you can see from my picture, it was served to me with pita bread even though I asked for it without, not the end of the world, but without that uneaten pita, one more hungry kid in Africa would be a little bit happier. I must include that this mistake was probably due to the fact that our tea server was high. What can you expect?, typical Madison, it was part of the experience, I mean what else would one expect from a tea house offering hooka, fermented soup, and Moroccan tea lofts?

Even with one disappointment, my adventure at Dobra Tea proved to be a great one! I hope to happily return, and suggest to any other Madisonians or visitors alike, (no matter where they fall on the hippie scale), do the same.

DSC00317 (1)

One of a kind tea pot at Dobra Tea.


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