European Sampler Preview

Having just returned from my two week excursion to France, Spain, and Italy, I am now more than eager to share the delightfullness of my travels. I have decided to break my trip up into sections. City by city, I will be sharing both my gastronomical experiences, as well as my more travel related ones. However, in my opinion eating is a huge part of travel and therefore also fits in the later category! All in all, my mom, my aunt, and I were able to experience the individual habits and way of life of eight (well technically 13) stunning European cities and villages. Throughout each post I hope to inspire all to get out and see the world through travel, and that doing so in a non-violent manner, a.k.a. sans animal food, is more than possible and honestly way more fulfilling and enjoyable (not to mention figure-flattering and way healthier!) Check back frequently for a more complete overview of vegan culture, picnicking, and restaurant dining in each individual city, (one which I soon hope to call my home!) If you don’t recall, my plans for the very near future entail my permanent move to  some European country. (After this trip, which I used a bit as a “house hunter” of sorts, I am thinking I will call Italy my home in four years.)

Starting this series will be Paris, the city of lights, and vegan food! Stay tune until my next post to learn more about this Paris’ vegan & vegetarian restaurant outburst and well as a review of my opinion of what sights to see, and not to see in this hustling, bustling city.


Plant lined balcony in San Sebantian, Spain


Wheatgrass shot in Paris, France


My mom and I overlooking Florence, Italy


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